Human Hair ( Indian, Brazilian, East Asian)

Available in Water Wave, Deep Curly, Straight, Kinky Curly, and Body Wave

Natural off black (1B)

Can Be Dyed 

180% Density

Medium size cap with combs

Headband with velcro

100% Virgin Hair

Minimal Shedding 

Can withstand straightening and curling 

Headband Wigs

  • No Returns or exchanges. Please review your order before purchasing.

  • Brushing:

    Curlier textures: please wet the hair with water using a spray or mist bottle. Proceed to brush gently from ends to roots.


    Co-wash using cold or luke warm water. 

    To clean, use a mild shampoo. For curly hair, use shampoo specifically for curly textures like Aussie Moist, Herbal Essences, Tresemme Naturals, etc. 

    For every two to three weeks of wearing the unit, wash once. Allow hair to air dry. 

    Do not hang to dry immediately after washing. 

    Mousse and leave in conditioner are great to use on the unit. 

    Daily Maintainence: 

    Spray unit lightly with water (for curlier textures)

    add leave in conditioner, finger comb out curls

    add a light oil mist or curl holding or defining cream for definition with no frizz.